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KS Kapela
Kapelski Vrh 90
9252 Radenci

Kapela local community

it encompasses the area of the following settlements:

Hrašenski Vrh (84 inhabitants)
is situated in the upper part of the stream with the same name on a ridge with a great view. From the uppermost point (280 m) it branches out eastwards into two ridges.

Kapelski Vrh (248 inhabitants)
is the most attractive destination of Radenci guests. The main road from Radenci into the Ščavnica valley runs over the round ridge. The highest point is near the church of St. Magdalena (312 m), enriched with paintings by J. Broll, where one can enjoy a beautiful view of Pomurje.

Kobilščak (43 inhabitants)
is the eastern continuation of Janžev vrh along the tourist panorama road on top of the ridge.

Kocjan (44 inhabitants)
is a small settlement on a ridge, located at the branch from the main road Radenci - St. Jurij ob Ščavnici.

Murski Vrh (127 inhabitants)
is woody if viewed from Mursko polje, but has vineyards planted on the sunny side. On the crossroads of the ridge road there's a sign with a Tuscany column and a stone statue of Holy Mary build in 1671.

Murščak (160 inhabitants)
is located 290 m high in a small village with a great view - it embraces the entire Radgonsko - Kapelske gorice and the valleys of Mura and Ščavnica.

Okoslavci (234 inhabitants)
is situated on the wide bottom of the Ščavnica valley along the main road Radenci - St. Jurij ob Ščavnici.

Paričjak (299 inhabitants)
is situated above Radenci along the road and the tourist footpath.

Radenski Vrh (194 inhabitants)
is situated on the ridge westwards from Kapelski vrh.

Rački Vrh (74 inhabitants)
also known as Račjak, is a viticultural ridge elevated above Mursko polje and widened into the heart of Radensko - Kapelske gorice.

Spodnji Kocjan (68 inhabitants)
is situated on the ridge running in the north-south direction, parallel with Kapelski vrh.

Turjanski Vrh (91 inhabitants)
is a ridge settlement above Turjanci that developed from onetime vinedressers' cottages.

Zgornji Kocjan (44 inhabitants)
has a very favorable viticultural position; here one can find vast vineyard plantations of Vinogradniško gospodarstvo Kapela.

Žrnova (32 inhabitants)
is situated immediately below Radenski vrh and in the valley. It is one of the few settlements of Radgonsko - Kapelske gorice where stockbreeding is predominant.