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Galleries and museums

The gallery in the Radin hotel

The Radenska museum collection


Architectural sights

The church of St. Mary Magdalene on Kapela

Famous characters


Dr. Karol F. Henn
student of medicine

1833 - the mineral water spring is discovered

1869 - the first bottle of mineral water is made

1882 - health resort activity begins





Dr. Ante Šarie
a specialist for cardiac diseases

Under his leadership the health resort activities in Radenci started to blossom again. He renewed therapy, built a coffeehouse, completed the bathhouse, and built the glass tavern and garden.




Kajetan Kovie
A poet and a writer who spent his childhood in Hrastje Mota, an honourable member of the Radenci municipality




Franc Braeko
A photographer and one of the great Radenci inhabitants who presented Radenci and guests in painted images.






Ljudmila Poljanec - Nataša
(Born in Brežice)

A poet who published several poetical works, the author of popular songs "Ko so fantje proti vasi šli" and "Tam na vrtni gredi"; lived and taught in Kapela.




Dr. Jakob Misia (1838 – 1902)
The first Slovene cardinal, born in Hrastje Mota.




The house in which Dr. Jakob Missia was born in 1838 is in Hrastje Mota. A memorial plate is dedicated to him.



Leopold Stanek (born in Boraeeva)
A poet and author of journalistic and narrative prose, mostly literary, theatrical and professional articles.

Andrej Kaveie (born in Rihtarovci)
a headmaster in one of the grammar schools in Maribor

The sacral heritage

The church of St. Mary Magdalene on Kapela
The church of St. Ann

Villagers' home