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Trim track
has been in use from 1974. In 2000, Radenci TA managed to restore the track entirely to ensure appropriate recreational conditions for guests and members of the community in a natural environment. Guests and members of the community can increase their physical abilities and improve overall health condition with various exercises and simple training accessories on the track. The track, approximately 3 km long, is located in the south part of Radenci. 15 different exercises of various levels of difficulty are offered at the track. The track is laid in natural environment, partly on a macadam path, partly on an asphalt surface, but mostly on a typical, completely natural forest rut path.
Track length: 3 km or 2.2 km. Time required when walking slowly: approximately 1 hour.

Cooper test
is integrated into the trim track and forms a modern method of aerobic training for maintaining health, and developing and preserving overall physical ability. This method of training helps to strengthen respiratory organs, heart and veins.

The Three Hearts Marathon

The path along Mura
Walking path Radenci - Hrastje Mota along the bed of the river Mura. Chiefly unspoiled nature with special flora and fauna.

The path among the springs of life

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The forest of trees in love (in construction)

Playground for children "Mukica"

In June 2005, the Radenci Tourist Office, with the help of the Radenci municipality and Terme Radenci, finished building the children playground "Mukica" and put it into use.