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The Radenci Tourist Association was founded on March 24th 1956. The initiator and also the first chairperson of the Office was Mr. Hugo Kemer, who at the time was the manager of Slatina Radenci. The Office was founded with the intention of helping Slatina Radenci develop from a well established health resort to a town even more attractive for the locals and tourists. Features of the tourist town Radenci include a health resort and mineral water; however, one should not overlook a particularly lovely squirrel "Mukica", who touches everyone strolling in the park with its playful and homely attitude. It was these features that made us chose "Mukica" as the symbol of our tourist office.

The Radenci Tourist Office has been and will also in the future be in charge of developing tourist infrastructure in Radenci and its vicinity, restoration and preservation of cultural monuments, and managing and maintenance of individual public areas. The Office will focus a large part of its future activities into further development of tourism in the Radenci municipality and into including as many members of the community and other actors as possible in tourist activities, which is also one of the goals of the tourist development strategy in Slovenia (Wellness programme).

In its 50-year-long history the Office has carried out numerous individual projects, including projects of building the ski lift on Kapela, co-funding the renewal of small chapels in the municipality, setting up benches
and waste bins, building a trim track and a track for evaluating one's aerobic abilities with a Cooper test and many other similar activities.

Every year, Radenci participates in a competition for the tidiest town. For this purpose, we organize spring cleaning activities and take care of managing the environment on individual public areas at the territory of the Radenci municipality. Our success is proved by the following results:

1st place in years 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1990
2nd place in years 1986, 1991, 2002, 2003 and 2004
3rd place in 1982 and 1994

In its long history of activities, the Office received many other acknowledgements and recognitions, including a golden award for the development of hospitality and quality of tourist services, a tourist carnation 1990 (the most active tourist office in Slovenia), two golden awards at the Gostinsko turistieni zbor Slovenije (the catering-tourist convention of Slovenia), golden award at the 15th international marathon of Three Hearts, golden award of the Tourist association of Slovenia for 40 years operation, and numerous other acknowledgements from the Pomurska tourist association, Radenska, the magazine Nedeljski dnevnik, as well as various other societies. These acknowledgements and awards serve as an incentive and as an obligation to us to strive even harder for a more beautiful and friendlier town and a healthy environment.

Members of the Office bodies for the period 2008 - 2012

Management committee
predsednik Emil Šmid, podpredsednik Dejan Berič, tajnica Sonja Kuhar, Jožica Sečko, Mirjana Ljuboje, Gabrijela Žerjal, Alojz Gabor, Drago Mir in Davorin Zamuda

Monitoring committee
Marija Grosman, Franc Šadl in Rade Bakračevič

Discipline arbitration board
Drago Kocbek, Karmen Kavčič-Žibert in Viktor Zamuda


Turistieno društvo Radenci
Radgonska cesta 27
9252 Radenci
tel.: +386 (0)2 565 18 89